Saturday, January 8, 2011


Above you see what I have called my favorite picture from
our little vacation at Sunriver.
These girl cousins are a JOY to my heart.
I adore watching them interact in their girly way,
looking out for one another, encouraging the other,
laughing, playing, is a precious bond to witness!!

These other miscellaneous pics were all taken this past week .
My pretty blue heart was something I posted on my
365-2011 Blog
This is a year long project....a photo a day, all year.
Have wanted to participate in this for a few years and for some reason,
this year I felt the urge to jump in.
So far, so good. I'm excited to see the year in review and
to better learn my camera and improve my photography skillls.
Although my main motivation is to document my days,
my life this year.
Here is a linky to my 365, should ya want to check it out
and ..... offer encouragement along the way ;)

Today I attended one of several planning meetings we've
had for our annual Ladies Retreat at church.
It's scheduled for March.
Our theme is 'Masquerade: Unveiling the Authentic You'
Great ladies to plan with!!
Maybe next time I'll take their picture!

This afternoon Greg and I took the kids to see this!!!
Our family gives it......8 thumbs up!!
Lastly, both of my sweet baboo children
have decided to start posting meaningful bible verses
around the house where they will see them daily.
Love my sweet baboo children.
So thankful they know Jesus and it's encouraging to see them
making little or big steps in their individual walks Him.

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