Monday, October 25, 2010

For a Friend

My friend Heather and I have a mutual friend, Susanna
The three of us used to meet every few months for dinner
In the Spring, Susanna and her family moved to Atlanta
She's had a hard time adjusting and making new friends
Heather had a fabulous idea.....
This morning we met at Starbucks and then did a little shopping
for our friend, in hopes to let her know she is thought of
and make her smile:)

We included a card with a picture of the three of us taken
right before Susanna moved
On the right, in the cool green jacket is thoughtful Heather
Getting our package ready to send

Go little package, do your little job
Make Susanna smile:)

Friday, October 22, 2010

Party like a 10 year old Rock Star

Ingredients for a successful 10 year old Rock Guitar Themed Birthday...

A turning 10 birthday boy
special friends
Big Fat Costco cake to self decorate
misc. guitars, sunglasses (for the coolness effect)
A really cool 27 year old BFF
who will loan you his XBox w/Guitar Hero
Pop Rocks....who doesn't like Pop Rocks?
A beautiful sunny October afternoon

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


My Baby

My Boys

My Best Friend

My Sunshine Girl

We ended this last event filled weekend with a
drive to the pumpkin patch
The kids chose several miniature pumpkins each
It was a lovely hour or two under
beautiful blue sky and the afternoon sun
Carved pumpkin photos
to follow :)

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Alexa was baptized last week
It was a pleasure to see:)
Love that she wants to publicly show her faith
and is anxious to find out what that means for her
in the future

Just wanna say how blessed I am by her!
Love our communication
Her life is not without 12 year old troubles
But I so admire the mature way she deals with them
I learn from her

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Got the itch to start a new blog today.
I am grateful. It's been a good day.
Greg was able to take kids to dentist appt.
I was able to sleep a little longer,
go to Bible study,
go to the gym,
do a little shopping.
We have what we need.

Our kids are healthy
God is good and patient
I'm grateful for His work in my life!!
He is faithful!!
Bible Study today focused a lot on being honest with Him,
that relationship with Him, communion is what He wants,
He'd rather have an honest mess than a pretty lie any day.
There are many aspects of my personality that I would trade if I had the chance
but oh, I've been honest before Him!!
It is always good. It always brings good. Always brings me closer to Him.
I'm grateful for this. :)

My Zach turned 10 yesterday
Love my Zach
Have been encouraged lately by his behavior and am appreciating him for
who he is
He is FUN, loving, thoughtful, forgiving, easy going, social and very smart.
He has the neatest friendship with a little girl named Taylor
Loving him at 10 :)